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Skinny Water Yellowfin?!!!

Well, I couldnt believe it myself, but it’s for real. Captain Skip Miller sent me the image from his Iphone, that was taken at the Belleair Boat ramp, about a half mile from where the fish was caught.

The fish was chasing Mullet as a Mullet netter was standing on a very small residential canal bridge. He thought it was a cobia and threw his net to try and capture it. The net hit the fish in the head, and when it took off he thought it looked like a Tuna! He called his friend, who was down the canal and told him that he thinks he spooked a Yellowfin tuna down that way and to keep his eyes open. The guy in the Mullet skiff ended up netting the fish! This is for real, and it is UNBELIEVABLE!

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