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Skinny Water Culture Gets Treated Like Gucci

We were sure it would happen one day. It was bound to.. Wel yesterday it happened. I got a call from my friend Merrick, who said that his friend just bought the coolest Skinny Water Culture sticker!!! FROM THE FLEA MARKET!!!

Well, we don’t sell anything at the flea market, so I figured that we were getting jacked. I loaded up the wife and daughter in the car, and planned on going and ordering a sticker from the booth, and figured I could catch it on video with my Blackberry…

When we got there, Merrick brought us to the booth. There were like 15 people in line, and the guy had stickers from every major fishing company out there… I looked through the available designs and sure enough, he had a stack of 20 or so “Poonrise” decals there! I have only sold 1 online!! He already sold a few apparently. I grabbed them and said to the kid looking at me, “Where did you guys get this artwork from”?

His response, “Bought it off EBay!”, “you can right click and download anything you want off the internet, everyone does it”!

I told him these are mine, and I would be taking them! He said he would call the cops! I said do it! ARGHHH!!!

Long story short, I had the flea market office people make the guy take our stuff out of his booth, and we walked away satisfied! What a scumbag!

There is a lot more to the story as I have a pretty short temper, but I am glad we ended up resolving it the right way!

If anyone sees anything suspicious like that, please email me. We are only in the finest stores! No rink and dink operations. Shoot me an email vince@skinnywaterculture.com, and I will hook you up for helping!

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