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September’s HCFT Tie One Off Challenge

Welcome to September’s Tie One Off challenge. Remember, in order to be eligible for the prize you must be signed up for our SWC Newsletter. You can sign up under the Newsletter heading on this page half way down on the right hand side of the screen.
We are changing things up a bit for this holiday weekend challenge. You have until Monday night at 8pm to tie the fly posted below to the best of your ability. Post it on Instagram with the hashtags #tieoneoff #hcft #skinnywaterculture. Or post it directly to our Tie One Off posts on the SWC or HCFT Facebook pages. The winner will be selected at random, quality of the fly does not matter as long as you put forth the effort. Winner of this months challenge will win 2 SWC/HCFT micros, color and size of the winners choosing.


This months challenge we will be tying an EP Baitfish. The Enrico Puglisi Baitfish is an incredibly popular pattern, due to it’s versatility in color patterns, sizes and water variants. This is a rather easy pattern to tie, which make its popularity even greater.

Materials List

  • Orvis #2 Saltwater Hook
  • 210 Denier Thread (Purple)
  • Purple EP Fiber
  • Black EP Fiber
  • Hard as Hull Head Cement
  • Living Eyes


Start your thread in the middle of the hook shank and work your way back to the bend of the hook.




Take a clump of purple EP fiber about half the thickness of a pencil and about 5-6″ long, depending on the desired size of the fly. Tie the middle of your material on the top of the hook shank. Slightly maneuver your material to either side of the shank, be careful not to completely cover the hook shank. This will give you a good dividing line of the two colors.




Take the front section of your fibers and fold them back on top of the rear section, then tie them in securely.




Flip your hook over and repeat this same process using you black fibers. Be sure to split the fibers evenly on either side of the hook point. You will continue this same process all the way to a quarter inch behind the eye of the hook.



After working your way forward, take a comb and comb through your materials thoroughly. This is one of the most important parts of this pattern. EP, when tied this way, tends to clump up. A comb makes a world of difference when having to trim your fly evenly.




After combing your fly, trim to the desired size and add eyes and a weed guard if desired.




Remember two awesome micros are up for grabs for this holiday weekend challenge. So get your baitfish tied up and have some fun.



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