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Seeking Shelter

This is a short, one day video this past Sunday 5/18/14. I woke up with no intentions on fishing, but that changed quickly as my good friend Jason Fernandez called me up. He recently bought a Canoe and has only taken it out once. Due to the high winds we haven’t been able to take it out together. We came up with the idea of fishing around noon, He got to my house and we started tying bunch of flies because we have no flies at all. We loaded up the Canoe and headed out. On the way to the Glades, I decided to call my friend Rich Jones, who is an awesome Kayak Guide in the Everglades, to see if he wanted to join us for the afternoon trip. You can check his stuff out at kayakfishingtheeverglades.com He quickly replied and decided to join us on our adventure. We knew the winds were gonna be hell but all we were looking for is some sheltered areas where can actually cast at some fish. 
I hope you guys like it. Enjoy.

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