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SeA MoNsTers

Although the picture was taken at the begging of summer, oddly enough I haven’t posted it.. But here is the story behind the epic battle.

Condition have been spotty at most. With heavy winds dominating from the east at 15 knots or more… I say that is a pretty fast clip for prowling the flat on a kayak  if you ask me. After spending days at the bench tying flies I decided to dust off the spinning gear and give a look-see at an old tarpon haunt. After paddling the short distance off the beach I figure I would run into a few tarpon in no time. Time was not on my side and after few hours I was about to tossing in the towel with the sun now begining its race towards the horizon. But then it happen, right off the bow a nice tarpon rolled. I was quick on the draw and flung out my half dead offering… ‘No take Dang”… as I reeled in with disapointment I felt tension and began to reel like a mad man. The bastard had turned and was now moving at me… seconds later I had the slack on the spool and we made the connection…. Like all tarpon stories the fish took to the air.. This was going to be a battle as she seemed big but I really didn’t calculate the sheer mass of the fish as I was now worried about retrieving the mass of line she had taken out. After some close calls I had the fish near my yak… This was the turning pointing as I notice this was no regular fish… she was long and massive and with a lot of fight left in her. During this battle I was befriend by Local guide Andy Mill world renown for his work on tarpon on the fly and Matt Harris also world renown for his work behind the lens and a buggywhipp. I continued to do battle with this Sea Monster for several more minutes. After some useful advise but very risky I may say ( don’t try this at home or alone!!!!!) I was able to horse the fishes head back several times from a  close proximity tiring her out rather quickly. After some brilliant jumps and pictures from the film crew I accidently accrued I broke off the connection we had made and watched her swim into the green abyss.  Big Thanks goes out to Matt for the insane picture and Andy for the advise!


Close up right before I set her free….


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