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Sailing the Revo with my wife

I recently took my wife out sailing in Ft. DeSoto. She had never sailed before and was excited to hear my feedback of just how nice it was to sail now that I had the Hobie sidekicks installed on the kayak. I had sailed a few times without the sidekicks and it worked just fine. The only downside is that every time there was a strong gust I would have to quickly lean in the opposite direction to avoid getting blown over. The sidekick totally eliminates the need to balance yourself to avoid ending up in the water.

Now that I had the sidekick rigged, I felt comfortable hitting the water with my wife on a windy day to let her try it out. She has not had any major sailing experience. Thankfully the setup on the revo very intuitive and easy to use. It only took a couple of instructions on the beach and within a minute, she had it down and sailing away.

The only downside to letting her use the sail is that I never get to use it anymore. I am saving up for a second sail and set of sidekicks so we can make the most out windy days where fishing would be difficult. It is really nice to be able to spend some time with her on the water. Typically I have a really hard time just going kayaking and not fishing but early mornings and fishing are not really my wifes favorite activity. Sailing on the other hand is a great activity we both enjoy doing and for once I am actually not disappointed when there is windy day.

Here is the video:


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