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Quick Report 1/14/13

My friend Kent recently fixed his boat. We headed to the glades for it’s maiden inshore voyage. We did alright for a quick day on the water. Kent and alex caught some trout with tons of lady fish and jacks in the mix. Kent was using topwater spook and Alex was using paddle tails on a jig head. I figured I use a Fly for the middle column. I was able to pick up a tarpon early morning. We moved out after the action stopped. After moving we stopped at a fishy looking corner only to find out that the starter solenoid went bad. I had to hand crank the engine with a rope. Immediately after we got to the spot Kent and I hooked up with some snooks. Alex hooked up as well but lost the snook but did hook up with a red. We picked couple of trash fish here and there and headed back in. Once we got closer to the  boat ramp we ran out of gasoline. We were fortunate enough to have some guys tow us in. THANK YOU GUYS!!!

This little guy was laughing at us once we got to the boat ramp. american crocodile




Grandpa’s Favorite



Kent and I with a double hookup on Snook.



First time I ever catch one of these things on fly.



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