Post-Holiday Shenanigans

by Alex Tejeda December 05, 2013

Well the feast is over and the second half of the holiday madness has begun. After  filling my gullet with enough turkey to last me a year and picked up where I last left off.



With a decent weather window I decided to head down to the Keys to area I could only described as magical. After a little while I was able to pick out a set of nice mid size tarpon laid up on a flat. A good cast on my part and a crabby fly I was hooked up… A quick run and some splashing and it was over… Mr. Tarpon wore through my 15lb tippet and I lost my crab fly. Some more poling revealed a few permit laid up in some deep water but mother nature had other plans and the winds picked up and I pulled the plug.

On the way home I get the phone call from Chris A.K.A Kent about making a run down to the park. I had other plans and I decided to take him down to the keys to one my secret spots.


After a run in to a big school of bonefish and a mishap that almost cost Kents life by my hand! We where into some fish.



What a hot mess! had to stop and untangle this beast while Kent wrangled a nice red.


Kent with nice Red


the shock in the face when the cold water hits your jewels!



I really wrestled with the idea of making this capture as dramatic as possible…I wanted to swinging in a wrangling this red like a true pirate by swinging in from a rope tied to the mast with a knife in my mouth but I just did it the simple way.


With a few things needing to be tend to before the sun came down we headed back in for a quick R and R. We re-geared and headed out to a “secret spot” to blast a few tarpon.





Hope everyone had a great Holiday! Don’t forget to bring a Toy or nonperishable can good to the skinny water culture party!


Alex Tejeda




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