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The line went slack and that big bitch just swam off…


Tarpon season is now in full swing as it’s already a few days into May.  Still awaiting that all day steady flow of fish, but the bite has been pretty good.  There seems to be more boats than fish around in the lower keys but we have been having some rather inconstant weather and well they’re on their way.


Been fishing with lots of new and different people lately, which has been great.  Its always interesting to see how people react to their first hook-up or even eat with a tarpon.  It seems as if their expectations of the wrath of the poon falls short to what they experience and are often left both breath and speechless.  It’s all too common the case we need to try and take smaller bites so we dont get chewed up and spit out


The night bite remains great with more manageable sized fish for first timers.  Though often they feel a little bigger, make more noise and skip off into the darkness with the sound of splashing only dulled by distance and a screaming reel.




Regardless of whether we bring the fish to hand, get a good hook in it or even a few jumps out of it, I’m personally in it for the eat.  In my opinion nothing is more exciting than a lean that escalates into a follow which then turns into a tarpon, mouth agape inhaling a fly head sideways on the surface.  If I get a bite or witness an eat, all the time and dollars I’ve poured into this addiction are well spent.  Though the moment you grab a hold of that prehistoric face, remove your fly that was somehow able to pierce it’s armor plated mouth and make eye contact with a fish that is possibly older than you….




….disolves all those periods of frustration from failed attempts.




Remember swab those poons!