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By: Jason Fernandez

I am completely and utterly consumed with fishing, there’s not one cohesive/coherent thought that traverses my mind on a daily basis that doesn’t originate or conclude with angling.

Since last year’s commitment to chase what swims as a career, it’s been what I imagine to be a big wave surfers quest to conquer the pipelines. Not just once, but on a consistent basis.

It’s no easy task, but what’s triumph without risk – there are no guarantees. Either stand beach side or paddle out and “wuhhh-pahhh, get pitted”. The time and money I’ve put in has been more than worth it.

Much the same as it’s the surfer and his board; brawn and fearlessness in tote. He’s aware it’s all on his judgment, awareness, preparedness and intuition; it’s how I’ve structured my career. Many times I have found myself pushing along, many times alone, honing skills and deciphering what is occurring at the moment and how to adjust accordingly. Insert a client into the moment and it’s alchemy that occurs.

Digging a niche for myself as a fly fishing guide seemed daunting at first, but the surface has been scratched and pay dirt is just beyond the top layer. Dirt under the nails is a souvenir to commemorate the day’s work. It’s just like catching the wave, diggin ’em in and enjoying the ride.

The minimalism and simplicity; the surfer and his board, the guide and his pole, one without the other is wall art. The rush and euphoria; addicting. The commitment is fulfillment watching them swim away.

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