Picture Perfect

by Jeremy Chavez November 27, 2012

As anglers were subject to the constraints of the tyrant named Mother Nature. She does what she pleases. We’re merely hostages to her moody behavior. Every now and then she’ll smile down and grant us passage on a picturesque day. On rare occasions she’ll string two or more blissful days together for us to enjoy her splendor. Two weeks ago she gleamed on Brandon and me.

Brandon came in town to fish with me around Galveston. We could not have asked for better conditions. He has only fished the Upper Coast a few times. Most of his fishing has been around the Coastal Bend. I had a good feeling he was in for a treat.

Friday we fished an area I figured we’d see a lot of fish with the strong early morning outgoing tide. The day started off slow due to the frosty weather but we managed to catch a few fish…

As the day warmed the fishing got crazy…

We ended up catching over 60 fish between the two of us. By far Brandon’s best day redfishing ever.

We got our slot redfish fill on Friday, so we went looking for big fish on Saturday. My suspicions proved correct. As incredible as the fishing was Friday, Saturday was even better. We didn’t see as many fish but the water was crystal clear and the fish were very easy to pick off.

This marsh was loaded with big fish…

All of our fish were a handful to handle…

We even had a double/double (Brandon had two on at the same time too) with all four fish over 27″…

We ended up catching even more fish than the day before. Almost all of our fish were upper slot or oversized. Brandon caught more redfish in two days than he had all year. Saturday was probably my best big fish day ever. It was a exceptional two days on the water. I’m glad I got to share it with a good friend. A couple of days we won’t soon forget.

Most of my fish were caught on a purple and black crack fly. This one fly caught upwards of 40 fish in two days.

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