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Personal best black drum on fly

I have spent some time lately trying to pattern some big ugglies that have been moving onto a flat to feed.  I saw the fruits of my time investment pay off as I showed up to the flat one Saturday.  About half an hour into the trip I was starting to think that these fish might have moved on when in the distance I saw them pushing in.  After a few pics I had the fly rod in hand ready to go to work on them.  I know some people do not share my excitement for catching black drum, but in my book working a tailing school on an 8wt is always a good time, especially since I am relatively new to fly fishing and had not had one eat a fly before this morning.


Below is my personal best on fly.  I was pumped and did not take any time to get measurements or gestimate the weight.  Thought for a sec I was going to roll the canoe trying to get her onboard.  I snapped a quick pic and sent her on her way.  I am thinking she was somewhere in the 50-60lb range but let me know what you guys think.  I caught 4 more and called it a day, good times in my book.



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