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Old Skool 2/23/2011

Carrot stix, wooden push pole, fish grip, milk crate, home depot bait bucket…all the ingredients of a mega googan!  I am really looking forward to getting a kayak again….


Last weekend me and Hobie fishing team member Doug Schallmoser made it down to the Keys for a 2 days flats fishing marathon. Over the two days we covered over 30 miles on our kayaks. Sight fishing conditions were awesome and we had lots of shots at permit. The bonefish were nearly nonexistent and we only located 4 tarpon. The sharks and barracudas were everywhere. The total tally for the weekend was 3 bites and 2 caught. Crabs were not an option in the keys as all of them have been bought up. We had to beg borrow and steal for the crappy crabs we had. If you have never seen a permit tailing on the flats a half cast away you are truly missing out. At one point the permit were barreling down the edge of this flat and I saw 7 singles in 5 minutes. Incredible. On a side note despite wearing my sweet SWC mask most of the time I still have a pretty sick case of coon eyes for February!

38.5″ 25lbs


38″ 26lbs



Little bonefish that broke the slump before the trip…

Release video

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