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November’s HCFT Tie One Off Challenge

Welcome to November”s Tie One Off challenge. Remember, in order to be eligible for the prize you must be signed up for our SWC Newsletter. You can sign up under the Newsletter heading on this page half way down on the right hand side of the screen.
Post it on Instagram with the hashtags #tieoneoff #hcft #skinnywaterculture. Or post it directly to our Tie One Off posts on the SWC or HCFT Facebook pages. The winner will be selected at random, quality of the fly does not matter as long as you put forth the effort. Winner of this months challenge will win a HCFT hat and a brand new HCFT Bobbinhead Vintage S/S tee.


This months challenge we will be tying a Crazy Charlie Bonefish fly. This fly can be tied in a variation of colors and sizes.

Materials List

#4  Gamakatsu B10 Stinger Hook

210 Denier Thread Orange or Pink

Medium silver bead chain eyes

Gold Tinsel

Silver sparkle braid

White bucktail

Pink crystal flash


Start your thread in the middle of the hook shank, working your way forward. Create 2 small mounds of thread, this creates a seat for your bead chain eyes to sit in.



Tie in your bead chain eyes. Then work your way back and tie in your tinsel and sparkle braid.



First wrap your sparkle braid forward around the hook shank, followed by your tinsel. Tie in both materials just behind your bead chain.



Flip your hook and tie in a small clump of white buck tail just in front of your bead chain. Be sure to keep the buck tail on the bottom side of the shank and prevent hair from attempting to spin.



Next tie in 3 or 4 strands of pink crystal flash just on top of your buck tail. 3 or 4 strands is plenty due to the small nature of this fly, you can even get away with 2.



And that’s it, whip finish your fly, hit it with some head cement and add a weed guard if needed for your conditions. This is a proven very affective bonefish fly and is a relatively easy fly to tie and fill your box with.



This months winner will receive a HCFT Hat and a brand new Vintage Bobbinhead head shirt. Thanks for entering, happy tying.HCFT HAT 2





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