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No Place Like Home

As this is my first time posting on the blog I wanted to start with the roots. We all have our home turf where the fishing just comes easy to us. Well, my stomping grounds are that of the not so clear waters of Naples, Florida. You wouldn’t imagine Naples as the latest and greatest fishing destinations, but you would be surprised with what the area has to offer. Now that I live and go to school in Boca Raton, I really don’t get to fish nearly as much as I did when I was younger. As the urge of putting a bend in my rod got to immense for me to handle, I figured it was time to take a trip back home. I called up my good buddy Evan Noponen. We made plans to fish Saturday the tides and conditions looked premo! I have to say being away at school made me so excited to fish my home waters. As Saturday rolled around we made our trek to the 10,000 islands. Launched the boat and set out on our journey.


The plan was to try to get some topwater snook action early morning but no luck so we moved to the outside islands poling around some exposed oysters. With not much action, I was thinking to myself “man I only wish a nice red would just show himself up there” with a quick head turn to the right then back to the oysters, my wish was answered. A nice chunky red moved slowly making his way across the oysters. Made a descent cast two strips later and this guy got fired up he charged the fly and made the most aggressive eat I have ever seen!


Sending her off to fight another day


After that the day slowed, all we could find were tons of micro snook so we called it a day.


Sunday was always a time for family. I thought it would be awesome to take out the man that got me into the great sport of flyfishing, my uncle. I grabbed my little gheenoe and headed to some water closer to home, Estero Bay. With a morning sky like this one you knew things were looking up…


Poled one of my favorite shorelines and it didn’t let me down. My uncle sight casted this beautiful snook as it was crawling along an oyster bar.


All in all the trip was more then I expected. It was great being back home seeing my family and friends and its always nice to tie into some fish!

All The Best!
-Patrick Rhea

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