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Next Day Mail

It has been tough fishing the last few weeks. This time last year there was not a flake of snow on the ground. Carp, steelhead, and pike were still cooperating and life was good. This year we seem to be back into our “traditional Midwestern winter.” This can be a blessing and a curse. I decided in the Fall that I would really try to stay in touch with the guys I fish with in Florida. I told them I would tie some different flies for them, mail them down, and wait for a response. I figured if I knew guys were catching snook, reds, and tarpon on flies I tied it would get me through the winter. So far so good! The snow, subzero temperatures and total lack of cooperation by the fish up here have made this winter really sting. I sit down at the vise, tie up some new patterns, and keep myself as active as possible in the SWC community. Here are some picks of the flies I have been “experimenting with.” A few good friends of mine have had some luck with them out of Chokoloskee, fishing in ENP. It is the ultimate reward for me, sitting in Chicago, to see a picture of a snook that was fooled with one of my ties.


The view from my vise… the only salt I have seen up here is on the roads- Here are some pics of the flies I have been sending down to the proving grounds. Some are new ideas others are classics. Either way its fun to know the fish are eating them.







Probably one of my favorite to tie, no one ties them better than Nick @239 but I always get a killer take on gurglers!


photo 1






Just started messing around with some bonefish flies too.


I hope everyone at SWC had a great holiday season. From what I saw it looked like the SWC Christmas party was a huge success, congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to collect all the charitable items. Until things thaw out around here its nothing but the vise and a snow shovel for me. Happy New Year to everyone and I hope the fishing down there is lights out the next few months!


Bill K.


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