New Kid…on the Block

by Dan Decibel September 01, 2012 0 Comments

As some of you guys have heard, I am the new addition to the blog team, which i am very siked about. Here is a little introduction about myself, My name is Daniel Diez aka DJ DAN DECIBEL. Yes, i do Dj its not just a username. I live in miami and kayak fish the backcountry waters of the confusing Everglades and from time to time I roam the crystal clear waters of Biscayne Bay. Before Hurricane Isaac decided to pay us a visit i decided to get some more footage and put out another video which Chris Lewis posted up in one of the earlier blogs. Anyways here is what i’ve been catching down in the Park.

I had to chase this snook for 30 minutes on the flat and finally ate the fly

Juvenile much fun on the fly caught 10 that morning

back to the water my friend

coon eyes

gotta love that hook set

its getting hot out there look at my forehead full of sweat

On his way back

ohh yeah!!

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