Mothershipping to Mingo in horrible winds.

by Dan Decibel June 06, 2013 0 Comments

It was tuesday evening, I had just gotten back from a quick freshwater tarpon session. I got call from Kent and Alex about mother shipping the yaks to mingo. Since the forecast was calling for 15-20 knot winds. I was skeptical at first but then gave in to temptation. I really dont know how we were able to cram in all 3 yaks into Kent’s boat. So we went got on the flats and fished thru some horrible winds. Here was the outcome.

IMG_2716 copyIMG_2707 copy


IMG_2719 copy


There was hundreds and hundreds of tailing sheepshead on the flat. I tried almost all my flies in my fly box. Not one decided to show interest into the flies. They would come and inspect it and take off. It was sure a sight to see as iv’e never seen so many of them tailing. IMG_2789 copy


Winds were horrible but I still manage to get 3 reds on fly and one trout.IMG_2803 copy


The day before I had received the new HCFT fly line mat. It was perfect that it came in so I used it these howling winds. It worked out perfect.



IMG_2799 copy


Here is alex with a channel Snookie on fly. Waiting for the tide to come in on the flat. 942328_434624093302191_741868509_n

Back the boat ramp thanking we didn’t have to paddle back!!IMG_2805 copy


Tuesday after noon I was checking Instagram and fellow SWC member Jeremy Chavez catch his first Tarpon on Fly. I quickly got motivated to do some freshwater tarpon fishing. I called up my friend pk, who just bought a brand new fly combo the night before. I knew he wanted to break in the new rod. So we headed and everything worked out perfect. We have tried numerous times at these tarpon and never get a single bite. A distinct fly got the job done. It was about time. Pk has been fishing only for a month and a half and to catch a tarpon this size was a trophy. It was his first tarpon on fly.

Horrible pic of the tarpon jumping right before sundown.





We headed to chipotle for a celebratory dinner!!




-Dan Decibel


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