Money, Guns, Flyfishing, Liquor

by Paul N September 08, 2012


I own a bait and tackle shop where in the last year I have sent well over 300,000 live Shrimp and Pinfish to their deaths. If Karma is real, I am fucked. However, this death pays the bills.

I fly-fish, and own a skiff. I am lucky enough to have a good group of dudes to fish with that can pole a boat pretty well until they  launch me off the casting platform.

I enjoy taking staged photos of my dogs.

In short, I fish – and take photos, just like everybody else down here.

Instagram: Money_Guns_Flyfishing_Liquor

Some recent shots:

IMG_1029 Photo 20 photo (8) P6260032 red Snook pepper SH glades IMG_1040 IM001226_1 IMG_0706



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