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Mixing it up…

Well its starting to look like summer finally with long days and hot muggy mornings to add to the menu. I have been exploring some new areas and putting some miles of polling looking for far way lands where only lady luck stand between me and an epic day. On days that its just been miserable I have put the fly rod down and gone to the basic with some success.


On a few occasions, I have had the chance to fish Flamingo and pound on some redfish.





Had the chance to run into these little rascals that’s where laid up on an edge of a flat mix up with tarpon. Didn’t take much to get one chew.



These guys are notorious for wrecking cars…


Had the chance to hit an area I hadn’t fished for months… After getting my ass handed to me in the backcountry earlier that morning I decided I need to change my luck a bit. Didn’t take much and I had silver in the air on the first cast.



After going 2/4 on tarpon, I was about to call it quits than something caught my eye… Made the pitch and it was on like donkey Kon! Some Lineslider action to top off my day.


Sorry for the picture quality on the last two… Weather was as bad as it gets and taking selfie’s in that washing machine was not that easy. Hope everyone enjoys and is having a stellar summer.



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