Mexi-caN- a short trip…

by P.T. Jones July 03, 2012 0 Comments

Super Skerples, Maines, Mexican Masks, street tacos and Tecate!!! This is the greatest place in the world except…. its in Mexico! Took a trip with some buddies to visit the markets on an afternoon. Some of the funniests shit you will ever find for a dollar. You figure out the first two items on that list yet?

If you guessed knockoff Sharpies and Haines underwear you are right and win nothing.  As far as for food, if you have never had a street taco then your missing out. Its as easy as you can get for a taco. Cubed Flank steak, chopped onions, cilantro and a pinch of lime on a corn tortilla. The trick is that you have to cook it all in the same grease. By far the greatest $1.50 spent on the trip. Of course this is a trip that you just can’t do anymore. The streets here are too rough for a pimp like me so it was a come early leave early trip. More to come…PT.

and don’t forget the markers…


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