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May’s HCFT Tie One Off Challenge

Welcome to May’s Tie One Off challenge. Remember, in order to be eligible for the prize you must be signed up for our SWC Newsletter. You can sign up under the Newsletter heading on this page half way down on the right hand side of the screen.
Post it on Instagram with the hashtags #tieoneoff #hcft #skinnywaterculture. Or post it directly to our Tie One Off posts on the SWC or HCFT Facebook pages. The winner will be selected at random, quality of the fly does not matter as long as you put forth the effort. Winner of this months challenge will win a HCFT hat and a SWC Candy short sleeve tee.


For this months challenge we’re going to continue with the theme from last nights SWC tying social. We” be tying a very easy and very effective fly, the Tarpon Bunny.


  • Hook – Gama SC17 (Or whatever hook you would like)
  • Thread – 210 Purple
  • Tail – Black Rabbit Zonker (Or whatever color you would like)
  • Head – Purple Rabbit Zonker (Or whatever color you would like)


Start your thread near the eye of the hook working back. Continue until your thread is right at the barb of the hook.



Now grab your black zonked strip. Length is your preference, for this size hook I usually go about 4″. Tie in your zonked with the strip facing up. Some people like to tie strip down, and thats fine too. But with this fly we aren’t using any weight, so it will swim high in the water column. Because of that most fish will be coming up to the fly, so you want that material facing down for the fish to see.



Next tie in your zonked for the head of the fly. I find it best to tie it in at an angle, that way it’s easier to palmer the material forward.



Now palmer the zonker forward making sure to not tarp any of the material under itself.



Then tie it off, add some head cement and your done. You can add eyes for some extra detail.

This months winner will receive a HCFT hat and a SWC Candy tee.