Mass Unfriend/ Upriver

by Vince January 21, 2013 0 Comments

So I’ve been really turned off by Facebook lately. Really turned off. Can’t even look at it. Too much bitching about the worldly things that I just don’t care about. So I said to myself today, “I guess I wouldn’t mind it so much if I could actually tell people how I feel about what they are saying.” I’m a pretty unfiltered guy to people I know.

The problem was, I had 1300 friends, and most of them I didn’t know at all, nor had I ever interacted with them. So today I went through with a mass unfriending/unliking. Pretty shitty if you think about it, but I honestly don’t give a damn if I never see another stupid gun/politics/evil republican/evil liberal or e card poster in my life.

So tonight I went to check out my news feed for the 1st time in at least six months with an actual anticipation. I usually look for about 5 seconds and then shut it down. Best move ever. I knew everyone in my feed in at least some way, and as well stumbled across this little clip by Colorblind Media. Which, if you don’t already know about, you should, and will now. But I’m sure you do already. I have talked to Cavin before about a collaboration of sorts with SWC, but at the time I was just too busy to do anything and we were very unorganized with our blog then as well. I’m sure in the future we will work together in some way. He has a very gifted eye, and is exceptionally talented with the camera. You should check out all of their stuff! But check this 1st!

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