Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel

by Patrick Rhea December 12, 2013

The past week was a tough one for me, it was finals week. Really, all I could think about was getting home and getting back out on the water.  When I finally turned in my last test. It was go time I loaded up the truck and scooted across the alley back to good ole Naples. I was itching to get a line wet so I decided to give my uncle a call, he’s always down to fish I told him the plan that we would go out at sun set and hit the snook lights to see if we could put a bend in the rod. Lights fishing is always fun, its pretty much like shooting fish in a barrel. If there is a light there almost always is fish. But thats the beauty of it, its almost always a sure catch! My uncle was game, so we loaded up the gheenoe and sped over to the ramp to launch.


We were at the first light and with the first cast that my uncle made he hooked up to a quality snook. This thing absolutely inhaled the gurgler going ballistic once he was hooked. It was good to be back!


My uncle with the first snook of the night. ( This guy swam away fine even though he did get a little bloody)


Snook are not the only things that are feasting at the lights


Getting that bend we talked about!


Not a monster but it beats studying for a finals any day!


This guy wanted his close up!


We putted over to the last light on our way out and to our surprise, there were about 15 snook having an absolute feeding frenzy. My uncle made the cast and the fly seemed like it didn’t even hit the water before he was fighting the last fish of the night. They weren’t no lunkers but it’s nice just to get out and catch a few fish, have some laughs and it sure beats finals.

All the Best,

Patrick Rhea

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