Let’s have a great day everyone!

by Dan Decibel January 11, 2013 0 Comments

Immediately after the Holidays, I knew I had to hit up the kayak. The high amount of calories had to come to an end. Losing weight is at the top of the list in everyone’s New Years resolution. This year, I am going to focus on shedding some pounds. Aside from that, I hope everyone is looking forward to this year. I’ve been fishing on the kayak. Due to the fact that I had a broken hub on the gheenoe trailer. This so-called Winter has been pretty good. With tons of redfish, snook, and juvenile tarpons willing to eat just about anything that crosses their path. This past month, I’ve had the pleasure to fishing with some old friends. Such as my friend Chris, who works for the Air Force. He came down for the Holidays from Biloxi, Mississippi. He had been itching about catching his first redfish on fly. I called him up the day after his arrival to setup a trip. Before we knew it, we loaded up the gheenoe and we were on the way to the park. As soon as we got there, I knew it was going be a good day for Chris. Not even 15 minutes we ran into some reds but it was way to dark to be target them. As the sun came up, we were able to see the reds. Chris spotted a tail. Waving hello at us. I poled him to the fish carefully as I was turning on the camera. Without a doubt in my mind, I knew chris was ready for his first red on fly. He lied his fly right in front of the tailing red. After a quick strip the fish came tight. I was screaming and congratulating Chris as he picked up the red from the side of the Gheenoe. I was so happy so see Chris’ face as he looked at his first red on fly. It is an indescribable feeling showing the sport to those who never get the chance to do it. I hope you guys enjoy the report and pics.

My friend Chris with his first redfish on fly. Congrats man!!







redfish  redfish baby gators cold redfish is a happy redfish snook redfish snook

releasing chris's redfish

mama gator   redfish

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