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Key West Marathon…

I had the recent opportunity to fish with friend and fellow pro-staffer for Jackson Kayaks Randy Marrow in his home waters of Key West. After some discussion on the phone and planning the hotel was booked, truck and gear where loaded and off I went to the “Meca” of flats fishing. Expectations where running high as Randy was on a hot permit and tarpon bite as of late. So the morning of reckoning arrived and shortly after meeting up Randy at the launch site we where on a the flats looking for fish. No sooner than later Randy hooks up with the ever so prevalent Key West redfish.


Minutes after this I broke in my new 9wt on a another Key West redfish.


We continued to push on to what seemed like miles of beautiful flats. Everything looked good. After some discussion and warning about permit pushing onto a particuler flat I spotted something at my 3 o’clock moving fast onto skinny water. I made the cast and I tighten up.


Tricked again by the “Cuban Permit”… Still a great fight and a something the tug on.


Another Victim of the Merkin

As we polled around we ran into these giant Nurse sharks staging either to get there groove on or feed? Not sure what was happening but it was pretty interesting to witness it nonetheless.


After some good shots at tailing permit the day ended and we retreated to the mainland for some good Keys dinning and much needed R &R.



Day two started off with some scarred storms but dead calm condition early on. After some game planning we where on the water.



After some intenses tarpon action we decided to press onto the flat in search of Mr. Permit. It didn’t take long and I had  a front row seats to this great match up. Randy snuck up to the tailing permit and after some coaching the permit took the offering and off to the horizon it went.



I have a borderline obsession with these things now. I am sure I will end up cutting my ear off at some point in my fishing career because of it.  After some high fives we pressed on. After a few shots a bonefish we ended the day on the best looking flat ever. Minutes later I finally had a clean shot at a crazy permit. After watching it for what seemed like hours I saw my opening and landed the fly near him… “spooked!” dang seconds later another shot again “spooked”… this went on for a good 30 minutes. We pulled the plug with the impending storms but I left satisfied I was able to come and try my luck at these fish althought I didn’t catch one I learned a lot. Huge thanks goes out to Randy for taking time and fishing with me! Conragtes again on the stellar catch!

I will be back for my dose of  fustration in due time….



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