Jax Mud Fishin’… BeeeyaaaHHHHAA

by SWChase November 05, 2012

Well my buddy J got his new IPB the other day so we set out Sunday morning to break it in. The weather was exactly what you would ask for if you could ask for weather. About 65 degrees, zero wind, clear (cough cough) water and plenty of sun.

To make a long story short, since I know you guys don’t like reading to much, we both caught two fish each by 8am. The tide was rising and we called it a day by 9:30. Here are some pics…

Jason’s first fish of the day, mid slot 24-25″er….

This fish had 3 Gobies in his mouth and 4 shrimp…

We found out why they liked the fly so much…

until next time…




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