Itching to get BAck

by Alex Tejeda March 06, 2014 0 Comments

Had the chance to bum around in the lower Keys for a few days with some good friends right before shit the fan and I had to pack all my junk and move into my new house. Saw the weather window and got the call that the fishing has been pretty dam good. Made the long ass drive down and met up with good friend and fellow Jackson kayak team mate down in some remote launch site full of fucking pesky bugs only a local would know.



After playing around with some skittish tarpon we pushed onto a flat and its was on from there on. We never went more than 20 minute’s without taking a shot at a permit the rest of the day.  Randy was first on the score board with a happy tailier.


After some high-fives and a quick recesses we were on our way. Finally, I find the perfect scenario,  happy tailing fish and I plop the fly on its head. Mr. Permit spins and inhales the fly! Finally what seemed like a classic pitch and catch. Fish takes off and immediately comes  unglued. Never been this disappointed… I am now 0/ 2  with hooks and unbuttons with permit… So the saga continues…. Spent one more day before I had to depart the clear water of the Keys and get a packing…


(Thank you Jackson Kayaks for sending me this monster kayak! Its more of a mico-skiff than a kayak. )


In-between the madness of moving and settling in to the new digs I happen to walk behind the shopping center I was at that caught my attention. As always my curiosity got the best of me and low and behold I found a mother load of laid up giant peacock bass. Ran back to the truck put the 6wt together and rummaged for a fly or two. Seconds later I was on and in waist deep mud trying to wrangle this delicious  bass out!



After a dozen peas and a few flyline burns I had to call it quits and return to getting things done around the house.

Till the next episode…


Alex Tejeda



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