It’s a shark, it’s a big A$$ Shark

by Dan Decibel September 11, 2012 0 Comments

Headed out to ENP yesterday to get my redfish fix. Once at the boat ramp the weather looked great for like 10 minutes then it started to blow to about 15 to 20 knots from the west to south west i was like its gonna suck today. Even though the weather conditions sucked and spooky redfish did not want to eat i did manage to get a slam. I caught couple of reds, 2 snook and 1 tarpon all on fly. One of the Snooks got eaten by a shark right next to the boat, i got everything on film. There was tons of shark out there i was afraid to fall off the kayaks at some places. Most of the pics were Still Frames from Filming that i was doing. Enjoy.

Oh yeah i caught you Redfishy!

Sharky Shark and the Funky Bunch

Just keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming.

Snook got eating by Shark

Tarpon that completed my Slam for the day.

Starboard side Catching a red Sitting Down.




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