Incoming Tide

by Chris Smith March 05, 2015 0 Comments

Its not often I get that feeling inside that only someone who is truly happy gets. I’m not proud of this however I will not hide from it either. Something about the current weather and getting back to who and what I really love has done. I find that there are many triggers for this feeling and yet somehow I seem to stray from them more often than not. The passion for things I love since becoming a father has only grown. Awkwardly enough I seem to find myself lost in thought and in these moments where the Grinch’s heart grew ten times its cold measly size, I’m alive. I’m no professional, I’m not a photographer and honestly my grammar and punctuation are as good as the latest pop junk found on your local fm. My name is Christopher James Smith and I was born in the circa of 1986.IMG_3400 (2)

My passions seem to revolve with the tides and the season. A friend once told me that “Time and tide wait for no man” but what if, just what if they do ?. What if we viewed our lives and existence here as just a tide. Just like the ocean we have our high’s and low’s. sometimes it takes years and it can quickly change with the minute. sometimes we need to go slack and wait for the chance to change the game.IMG_3396 (2)IMG_3450 (2) Proverbial “storms” come and go and with them the fluctuations in our lives. I’ve used these expressions because its the best way I can explain my view on this backcast into a 30 knot wind to a school of fish that want nothing to do with our offering called “life”. lost yet?, we all are in some way. most have chosen to loose them selves to the Media, drama and lie’s we’re lead to believe, after all it’s what we need everyday right ?.

Cut away from the “leaders of life” and be yourself… seriously ,do it. but do it with caution cause once your free you will see an ocean of beauty and soul that you never want to leave.


IMG_3517 (2)-Chris

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