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I’m back in the saddle again…

Please make sure to sing the title to yourself so the song will be stuck in your head all day!

I recently purchased a new kayak…again.  I was a long time kayak fisherman, if you look back in the blog you can see that is all I did for about 3 years.   When I purchased a skiff my main concern was going to all the far places I could never reach.  Well, it has been a year now and I have racked up well over 300hrs on my Yamaha and reached all ends of the Keys and Glades.  Lately I have been feeling the urge to apply all the new things I have learned fly fishing to the kayak.  I bought a Native Ultimate 12 to compliment fly fishing and mother shipping.  The kayak worked exactly I as invisioned.  It felt great to slow down and take my time.  People love to hate on kayak fisherman.  Not sure why…even I catch myself thinking everyone I run across in a kayak must not know what they are doing.  The kayak is just a tool…is doesn’t make you any cooler to fish off a fancy Hells Bay or paddle board…the whole point of it is to enjoy YOURSELF!  If you are bored at this point feel free to just scroll down and look at the pics…I know thats what I do. 

I headed to Flamingo for the maiden voyage.  It was an absolute slaughter fest (when is it not at Flamingo?).  I landed somewhere around 15-20 reds on fly.  I was in no rush to chase them down or force it.  For the most part I just rode the tide and let the fish come to me…this is the most effective way to fish.  I felt like an absolute ninja out there…after pushing an 18ft Maverick around for the last year, the stealthness of the kayak amazed me.  I some great shots at huge poons but they ignored me.  Overall it was a great relaxing day.  If you read this feel free to leave a comment…hate, advice, feedback…let it rip!


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