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I am the Bassassinator!

Sorry Jay I had to steal that!  Castaic Lake isn’t always kind to me; it’s one of those places where it’s just as easy to take a skunking as it is to hook into a mongoloid of a fish. Loaded with stripers and largemouth but cursed with clear, deep water and excessive fishing pressure due to its proximity to the metropolis of Los Angeles. It also doesn’t help that back in the 80’s and 90’s it was touted as THE place that the next world record bass was going to come from.

A sick box of Bass whackers

Every once in a while though… The stars, fish gods and shad all align to make for a ridiculous day on the water. Throw an 80’ backcast, strip, strip and wham you’re on. Close your eyes and hold the rod upside down?  Bam, you’re on!

Yet another tubby one

Yeah, it really was like that.

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