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Holiday Bash

First and foremost Happy Holliday’s everyone. I was fortunate enough to be able to escape a day or two between the Holiday madness this year. Christmas Eve called for pretty calm condition early so the decision was made to head down to the Keys to one of my favorite flats. After A few minutes of looking around and to my surprised I was greeted to a wonder sight of mid size tarpon daisy chaining on the edge of the flat. I immediately set up and made the cast and hooked up and watch it come unglued only to have yet another tarpon pounce on it. I have to admit, my luster to seek out tarpon has faded in the years but to watch these fish sitting into the current in absolute gin clear water and have them eat out of the palm of my hand rejuvenated all that negative energy I had built up.  After a few swings and a miss I finally boated one of the smaller fish I saw that day.


I decided to let them be and continued my pursuit for permit or a bone.


After a run in with a dink bonefish and a long stair down I was denied the opportunity.  With the cold front now pushing in and the winds picking up at a fast clip I packed it up for a nice warm shower some drinks and dinner.

My next day off was right before News Years Eve and the weather gods had blessed me with light winds that day. I packed up the gear and met up my buddy Chris to head down to the park and do some mother shipping.


The reds where pretty busy mowing down the flats waving their tails at us in every direction.


Chris with his first red of the day on fly.


Photo Bombed!







It was a great way to end 2013 in a positive note. Hope everyone had a great Holiday and brought in the New Year with high expectation for greater things to come in 2014.


-Alex Tejeda




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