Hello…My name is Chase and its been 3 years since I caught my last Permit. (*sobs)

by SWChase March 30, 2010 0 Comments

Looking back through some old pics I discovered alot of things but two really stood out to me. First, I use to have some really sweet hair and second, I have not caught a permit in waaay to long. 3 years, 6 months 13 days and about 8 hours to be exact. If I really want to be technical I could say I have never caught a permit at all, because I have still never caught one on fly. Yea I have had my fair share of shots, blown casts, spooky fish and even had 2 fish eat and come un-buttoned. My goal from this day forward is to get a permit on fly this season, I will have my first opportunity next month followed by another in June and 2 more in August. All these trips will be well documented and you will probably never hear the end of it when it does happen, but for now just relax. I will keep you posted haha.

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