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Great Company, Bad Conditions

This past weekend, we had an Ankona Owners tournament down in Flamingo. We had a great time fishing an area that not many were familiar with. I’d like to thank Ashley of Don’s Bait & Tackle and Bob Reeves of Strongarm Products for helping us out with everything. There was a ton of fish caught in the tournament. Garret had came down from Virginia to do some fishing with his sister Alissa.

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I fished on my skiff with Alissa where she had shots at reds and snook all day. We caught plenty of fish. Garret fished on Alissa’s skiff with Mike Cole. They also did great. First cast of the day, Garret caught his first Tarpon ever. They finished it up with catching reds, snook, plus many other fish. The victory went to my buddy Anthony who fished with a couple other friends as the only team that managed to catch a trout in the 30 mph gusts that plagued us all day long. They also caught a nice 27″ snook and a bunch of reds.We managed to win Biggest red with a whopping 23″ Flamingo redfish…lol

We had a great time down at Shakey’s afterward for the awards. But the real fun was the following day.

Sunday, a group of us gathered at my home, where Matt and Alissa had left their skiff’s while down here. The rain had spoiled our plans of chasing bonefish. But we were determined to get on some fish. Garret really wanted to catch a peacock bass. As did Matt. So after getting some fire Cuban lunch at a local restaurant, we were on our way. Eight of us huddled into three trucks that were packed with everyone’s belongings. We stopped at Walgreens and raided their Poncho rack. We took advantage of their 2 for $5 special and were on our way. Upon our arrival at the spot, I gave Garret the quickest, probably worst fly casting lesson ever. But he managed to get it together pretty quickly. And in no time, he pulled out several pea’s on fly. Alissa also followed with her first catch on fly. Not as big as the monster peacock bass she caught last time she was down here fishing with me, but still a nice first fish on fly. Matt caught several on fly, himself. As did Mike Cole. I caught a couple just for shits and giggles.
Can’t wait to do it again! They sure are a fun group to hang out with.


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