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Gramps got the Big Fish

Woke up today with some horrible back pains and had no intention on fishing. As I made my way to the kitchen to grab a pain reliever , my grampa asked me if I wanted to fish? I couldn’t say no due to the fact that my grampa is always working. He is the hardest working person I know, and is always there when you need someone. We got our stuff together loaded up the truck and headed out. Once at the spot my grampa got to work right away. He starting catching some snappers, none of them were keepers. I tried fly fishing for about two minutes and realized that I couldn’t fish because my back was hurting way too much. Once the tide was just right, the bigger snappers starting chewing. As I was walking around taking pics, my grampa started screaming. Right away, I knew he was hooked up to something nice. The fish kept on peeling drag off the reel. I was concerned because my grampa uses some cheap Twenty Dollar reel and rod combo. Once I saw it was a snook I told my grampa to loosen up the drag a tiny bit. He had no leader,  just the line and the jighead. Luckily he was hooked on the side of the mouth. Once I saw the snook was ready, I went inside the water and grabbed him. I looked at my grampa and his smile was ear to ear. I was so happy that he was able to land this fish. We got a quick pic with the fish. Immediately  I went back inside the water and released the snook. After that my grampa finished catching his limit on snapper. We packed up and headed home. We filet the fish and straight to the fryer they went. As I am writing this, I just keep thinking about how much fun we had today. Its days like this, that we will never forget.

grampas snook

shrimp cocktail some of the snappers at the end of the trip 20$ combo cleaning the fish breaded snapper filet the meal

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