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First and for most I like to say happy holiday to everyone. Ok… lets get to the meat and potato of the blog. It always seems lately that mother nature only releases her tight grip and gives a day or two of fishable weather. With countless of hours checking and recheck weather apps expecting some spontaneous change and picture perfect weather only to have your hopes crushed and see the same dark blues and oranges indicators….  With that said I have had a few trips in-between the relentless wind and rain and of course the obligation that pay dam  bills.

It always happens this way… with the random call from a good friend in this case Chris a.k.a Kent about braving the winds and jumping on a tarpon bite The Dj Dan and him had previous been on. I was reluctant at first but decided I needed a fix even if it meant high winds, cold spray and loss of sleep.  Once there it only took a few minutes on the 9wt and I was bowed up and fighting for dear life to get it out of a class 3 white water rapid. Once out in the open and Kent operating the helm I began the ass whopping Clinic . Once I got my mits on this beautiful fish I made sure to work fast, took a few pictures only to get blasted by water with the fish racing out of my hands. Some left handed high fives after the escapade we started all over to get Kent on his first big poon on fly only to watch 3 get away.



After  bringing out the big guns and some old school beach night fishing tricks out of the Ye’ old bag, Kent finally bag himself a healthy poon that just about got my had chewed off by a tyrannosaurus Rex of the bay… a.k.a Bull shark. Some figure eights with the engine full tilt and the shark was gone and shortly Kent finally had  silver in hand.



A few other sea critters where in the mix to keep things honest and keep the anxiety to a minimum.



They should call these thing a hook-in-hand fish or crap-on-you fish…  Not may favorite



After fighting the inquiries to enter the Park once again after the closer I finally gave in and made a quick visit with Kent again. This time for a little redfish roundup.







It was like shooting ducks in a barrel… it got silly and I upped the stakes and began levitating reds into hand. Water was really clear and calm this particular day making for a great welcome back.

I just have to add that all this has really kept me at bay from madness after several trips with multiple shoots at bones and permit. All I can do is hope for them on the water and day dream about the next opportunity.

Getting creative when not even the bravest of souls dare to venture onto the flats…


Hope everyone is having a safe and happy Holiday


Alex Tejeda

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