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Gettin’ Chilly


Fall is here and because I’m not in the Cayman’s this winter, I am reminded of the temperature and “season change” here in south Florida. I have been up in Tampa for a few weeks and have had a great time spending time with family and old friends, and doing some fishing. My sister and I got to spend a great day catching everything from Snook to Bluefish in Upper Tampa Bay a few weeks ago.brian j cobe 1

  brian j snook kisssam red 2

Courtney and I fished with a Brian J. from Canada last week, he got his first Cobia along with some Snook and Trout. We also spent an afternoon casting to stubborn Redfish with John T. tailers stptDCIM100GOPRO  DCIM100GOPRO 

A nice Snook landed by my sister.

 courtney push

We all took turns pushing (or steering the drift on the windy days) to get on those spooky fish.IMG_8536

Some times the conditions (wind) doesn’t go your way, but when you tough it out and do hook-up it’s worth it, and it will make you a better fisherman.


Spanish Mack’s on the fly are pretty fun to land, but the strikes and follows are worth it alone.red swim

Beautiful Redfish checking out the boat…


Keith and Tammy hit them from one side and we hit’em from the other.


Wear some warmer clothing and get out and seize the fall condition and spend time with friends out on the water. My best advise…

Capt. Jeremy

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