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As my first post to the Skinnywater family I would like to introduce my self and thank everyone in SWC for giving me this opportunity to share my mis- adventures on the water. My name is Alex Tejeda and I reside in the fast pace metropolitan of  Miami, FL. Been fishing since I can remember and primarily fish off my kayak now days  prowling the flats for tailing reds, bonefish tarpon and anything that moves. As of lately I have become an avid fan of fly fishing thanks to Dan and Chris. Thanks Fellas!

Ok so lets get to the meat of this story. Like all epic stories begin I received a phone call from Chirs “Tex” telling me about the weather window and an opportunity to be able to fish an area far in the reaches of the Everglades. So of course I oblige and immediately  make the arrangements and tell the j.o.b  not expect me for the next few days. After discussions on what we should bring the day of reckoning had arrived. After picking up Dan Decibel we where on are way to the launch site. After meeting Tex we hit the water and off on a voyage we where. I think I could speak for everyone as we made our way to our destination are imagination ran rapid on the possibilities that laid before us.



Minutes into our adventure we where surround by tarpon and the fun began!


IMG_1888 copy 09-56-23

Dan with a great shot of one of the hundreds of tarpon we encountered staging for the tide switch.

So after playing with the tarpon for bit we pushed on.

As we made our way onto a flat Tex was the first one on the score board with a health and fat red.


IMG_1932 copy

Second fish by Tex.. at this point Tex was on “fire” and was two fish ahead of me and Dan. Side note… Have to say each and every fish we all landed were extremely fat and healthy. Most if not all the fish we sunk are meat hooks into were over slot and put crazy fight.

Shortly there after I spotted my opportunity to jump on the score board with a group of fish laid up. Placed my fly in the middle of the pow-wow and it was on.

Of course I have heard and seen first hand what Tfo’s BVk are notorious for… Breaking but I had taken good care till this big guy decided to run around and cause ruckus.

IMG_1939 copy

Result… a broken BVK and having to hand line this SOB in.


We continued to press on only half way into are journey at this point. After a few shots at tailing permit and miles of polling we all converge on the “Holy of fishing Grounds” that I have bestowed my eye on. This place is magical when is everyway. Shortly after arriving all hell broke lose!

IMG_1945 copy


IMG_1948 copy

Dan with slob of a red!

I then hear Dan screaming for his life moments later after releasing the red.. So I head over to see a beautiful fat bonefish at the end of his fly line. This is what we had came for! I can’t express what his expression was but only one of excitement and joy.



After some “left hand high fives” we kept on looking for fish. Moments after Dan release I now hear Tex and Dan all pumped up!  As I look over I see two huge schools of fish coming together within casting range. I fire the fly in the middle of this mess and I hook up as well into a fat red. Double hook up!!! feet from each other. I then hear Dan yell at me that Tex is hooked up to another Bone and I answer back ” I’m hooked into a fat red”

After we both landed our fish the madness began! This was incredible feet and we where all in shocked in amazement at this  accomplishment. This is what its all about!


IMG_1966 copy

No explanation for this……

IMG_1975 copy


IMG_1981 copy

The race off! Bone vs Red

After this crazy event we all kept hammering away at fish till sundown.

Selfie with a Donkeysm

IMG_2007 copy

Red sunset photo Dan Dsm




IMG_2030 copy

IMG_2040 copy

IMG_2049 copy


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