Fly Fishing Skinny Water Mingo on the Kayak

by Dan Decibel October 10, 2012

Went to Mingo on the Kayak yesterday Managed 7 reds on Fly. Weather was great, the Entire Day with light winds. Alot of tailers throughout most of the day some spooky fish and some were just willing to take any fly you threw at the them. It was a nice welcome home trip since i was at titusville this past Weekend. Enjoy the Pics and Report

Meet my partner in Crime , Chaz Michael Michaels ive had this thing for years best gift ive ever gotten.

biggest croc ive ever seen

hooked up!!


Somehow i always end up in the water either falling off or cooling off

Waving hello come and catch me

Getting Rocked by a pod of Manatees




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