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Hey guys,

With my busy season approaching fast, and personal fishing time nearing an end until the Fall, Im starting to think about tarpon season.  As a guide, I get to see all kinds of people cast a fly rod from all kinds of places.  Skill levels vary, and so do casting strokes.  Some great, and some not so great.  Great practice makes great casters.  The guy who pulls the fly rod out 3 days a year and tries to sight cast on the flats of the FL Keys typically gets  a brief lesson on being humble. The wind is always a factor, and the fish are smart and weary.   I’m not saying you need to be casting an entire fly line into 20kt winds here to catch fish.  An accurate, 50′ cast into the wind from varying directions and speeds is way more realistic.  Accuracy is far more important to me than distance.   Your best shot is your first cast.  Make it count.


Although great for some things,  freshwater trout fishing generally doesn’t accurately prepare you for the high speed, fast pace, under the gun pressure of sight fishing.  Practice shooting line for accuracy, practice your double haul, practice shooting line on your forward and backwards stroke, and practice your back cast.  Stay calm and  sling it!  Practice, practice, practice!  The best casters catch the most fish, simple as that.  I came across this video online and thought I would share it with everyone.  It is the best fly casting training tool I have come across designed by a phenomenal fly casting instructor.  It’s a great tool for every fly caster, no matter what age or gender.  Hope this helps.

Tight loops


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