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Flamingo to Islamorada

I have been wanting to do a big kayak trip for a long time.  This was going to be the last summer weather window of the year  and I didn’t want to waste it.  I called up Dan and Alex and without hesitation both said hell yes!  I am really glad they joined me because they provided most of the entertainment.  The fishing and weather was out of this world!  I’ll let the pics tell the rest of the story and hopefully Dan Dan the dancing man will fill in the details…

This was an epic evening!  I lost two really nice bonefish earlier in the day but the scenery made up for it…

You better be ready for anything in Islamorada!

9 mile bank…the edge of the earth

Another TFO BVK fail…3rd time for no reason.  You have been warned.

Meet Franklin and Cornelius

Fresh redfish ceviche…not bad for camp food!

I asked this guy to get me a water since he still had his shoes on…He comes back screaming, “You heard of Iron Man?….THIS IS IRON DAN!!!!”  We laughed our asses off for about 10 minutes.  This guy never gets tired.

These two were like an old married couple the whole trip…

In the end, lets all thank the fish…without the motivation to chase them you would never leave the couch to see this…


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