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Flamingo heAt Is On…

Had the pleasure recently to take out a few guys from the west coast to of course my favorite stomping grounds Everglades National Park.  After a few conversation with friend and fellow Jackson kayak pro staffer the date was set and the preying for good weather began. The day of reckoning was upon us and I finally met up with Tony Dziedzic, Steve Miller and Esteban at 0500 hours. Dan Decibel and Jason couldn’t resist the temptation of perhaps a great weather window and accompanied me on this trek. After the long drive into the park we where finally on the water. The anticipation of a great day loomed over everyone as we paddled  into the calm air. As we approach our first distention and a short such for tarpon I suggested moving onto an area I knew the target species would be waiting. As we pushed on I gave the guys some direction and an instruction and sent them on there way. It didn’t take long for all of us to find some nice tailers waving for our attention.

And the heat was on…




Another victim of the fly…. Lesson learned don’t cross my path! These things are nasty…

The flat was much alive at this point and the guys where taking shots at fish but couldn’t connect… Tony finally hooked up only to see the nice red break off next to the yak…

As I continue my assault on these fish… target practice was in full affect at this point…



Quick energy boost and I was back at in the game! Thanks Chris “Tex” best idea ever!




I continued to help out the guys out on their first Redfish sight casted on fly or on the score board at best. With the winds picking up at a fast clip we finally met up with Dan and Jason on another flat where we did some more shit talking.. Winds picked up pretty bad like out untypical summer and we were off the water by 1300 hours. It was a great trip and made some new friends that share the same passion and had a another great day in the park. Till the next time….. aydos!


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