by Eric Estrada May 29, 2012 0 Comments

I made it out to the park with a buddy Dan Decibel to chase some redfish and snook on the long rod. On his first shot of the day, Dan pulled out what became his biggest redfish on fly to date at 28″.
I had the bright idea of putting his wading fly basket on and poling myself to a tailing red off the poling platform. It worked like a charm. The first red I poled up to was game on. I never thought I could successfully target redfish off the poling platform with a fly rod. But turns out I was wrong. The remainder of the day we spent casting at schools and pods of tailing and moving redfish. Then here came some larger wakes plowing across the flat. Dan made a perfect shot and got blown up. It turned out to be his first sight casted snook. We found plenty of reds and snook out on the flats. Looks like a great start to a hot summer is among us.

Here are a few photos:

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