Fishing before work

by Dan Decibel December 11, 2013 0 Comments

Headed out today in the morning with Ryan Accursio on his gheenoe. He invited me last minute on tuesday to see if we can get a bit of fishing before going into work at noon. Well it was 5am and Ryan was nowhere to be found. The plan was to meet at the gas station at 6 am. I called him numerous times and didn’t get a reply. It was about 6:30 am and I was about to head out by myself and finally got a call from Ryan, saying he overslept. He rushed to the gas station, we got the gheenoe loaded up and hit the road. Tarpon

loopWe were welcomed by mosquitoes in the morning, luckily Ryan had a some repellent because these things were annoying. We launched the gheenoe and had some lucky in the morning. We were casting at some juvenile tarpon for a bit until the wind picked up and everything went to hell after that. We knew it was going to be windy, but we still wanted to fish. We managed a nice little Snookie and a Mayan Cichlid, which was pretty rare because I never see those things. It wasn’t the best day but we made the best of it. Snook



We got into a mosquito covered mangrove line to get a pic of this spider. spidey

We called it a day around 11 am. We were hungry so I told Ryan that I wanted to try out that place Gator Grill because I had never eaten there. We made our way back, had some lunch and headed to work right after. gator grill

waiting on food

We both got some Gator Bites, they were awesome!!!

gator bites

After I ate, I notice a cage with couple of little birds inside. I went and checked it out and found this little guys doing some rare levitating planking. planking




Until next time, stay classy Miami…

-Dan Decibel

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