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Fishing 4 Work

Most of my fishing revolves around the clock. That being said, I work a “Monday to Friday” job and I don’t have to go in until noon-ish. I always hear people saying that they don’t have time to fish due to work, kids, or simply just a financial thing. Trust me, I completely understand were everyone is coming from and my situation my be totally different from yours. Some how, I always believe everyone can fit a little bit of fishing in their everyday schedule. Even if its casting at a pond on your way home from work can make your “Everyday Mundane” things to a very satisfying day knowing that you got to cast a rod.

(Some recent pics, fishing before or after work)FISH4Work-4

     I always look at the glass half full, simply because I try to make the best out of every situation. No matter what my situation is I always try to find room for fishing. I know a lot of people consider fishing trips to be going out in tricked out skiffs and getting to fish for several hours or else they won’t get satisfaction out of it. Even though it is ideal getting to fish for that long, how about you try bass fishing a local pond near your house.FISH4Work-3     Some have kids, wives and girlfriends to attend to, maybe you should consider bringing them along? Even though not everyone in your house will love fishing as much as you do, perhaps bring them along to run, play or even exercise as you fish the community lake. It is also a great way to open fishing into the eyes of your children. Take small rod with tiny hooks and some bread, I bet the kids will have unforgettable times just like I did growing up with my Grandfather when we arrived from Cuba back in 1995. Tilapias and Cyclids always kept my rods bent when I was a young child.FISH4Work-6     Sometime if I get to catch at least a single fish before showing up to work is a lot more rewarding than fishing an entire day for some reason. There has been times where I show up to work and the boss looks at me, as I take off my shades off, and says I know you were fishing. Not only because of those horrid looking coon eyes but I can smell the Everglades on you.

(My buddy Joe trying to backcast without snagging the cat tails behind him)FISH4Work-13



(Sometimes you may only catch one fish, but its always worth it, even if its a 6 inch snapper.)FISH4Work-10

FISH4Work-8     I always keep my 6wt rod in the car at all times. You never know when you are going to find a couple of Juvenile Tarpon sunning in the canal systems that we have in Miami. I have stopped at tons of locations to find peacock bass and other fish alike, throughout the whole system. Wether it be a hidden lake, community or even canal parallel to the highway, I never hesitate to fish those places even for 5 minutes of my time.FISH4Work-11     Luckily I have a canoe and can always ride to the edges of the Everglades to cast the rod. If I am fishing somewhere and I know I have to be at work, I fish places where there is no long paddling involved. What would happen if 1980’s 3.5 hp engine were to die and I can’t make it into work? I have always been a very punctual person and always paranoid if things were to happen. The canoe stays loaded in the back of my truck for any unexpected trips like looking for redfish first thing in the morning then quickly rushing back to work.FISH4Work-2


(Joe with a nice little poon last week)FISH4Work-5

FISH4Work     I always try to fish with a Budget in mind, so car pooling with friends is great way. Splitting gas and food is always good thing. You don’t really need a lot of money to go out and have a great time. The cost of gas has gone down tremendously and one can use that in favor to drive to spots on any given day without breaking the bank. Keeping it simple is what its all about, instead of the hassle of taking out a skiff, hit up saltwater canals for lady fish or even rod breaking jacks. You never know whats swimming around?FISH4Work-12


Most of the time I don’t catch fish when I am on a mission before work. But other times, everything pans out perfect. I know not everyone has the luxury, time, or location to fish often, but I personally try to fit fishing into my everyday activities. Casting my rod relieves the everyday stress. Nothing like the feeling of showing up to work with the hint of “Juvenile Tarpon” smell on your fingers.

-Dan Decibel


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