Mixed, Permit -

First Permit!

Caught my first this morning! I have been fishing almost daily since I moved to Miami 3 months ago and I have seen probably 75 permit and never caught one. For me to not catch something I’m targeting after two and a half months makes me love this species!

I launched at 6 just as always.

I worked my way across the flats without seeing a thing.

Spooked a school of bones that I didn’t see because the water was high. Headed out deeper to look for permit. Spotted one hauling across the flats. Got 2 shots at him but he just ignored me like always. I headed out deeper and sat there for two hours in the sun. Finally I see a wake coming. I ready the crab and pitch it well in front of him. He sees it and did a 360 on it…I bumped it and he crushed it! Finally! I was so nervous fighting this thing! It was the first fish I ever tagged.

I called my wife and best friend to tell them of the great news. The second I hung up the phone a school of 5-7 came in. I hooked up another crab and launched it. The school attacked! Second Permit not even 20 minutes after hooking the first! Crazy… My camera was messed up so I had to use my cell phone but I tagged this one and released him as well.

Weather looks phenomenal for tomorrow so get out there!

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