Finding my Way Back

by Eric Estrada August 17, 2012

Well, It’s been a few weeks since I have done any fishing.

With the movement to try end breed specific legislation in Miami Dade County, I was busy shooting a documentary about it all. I have a ton of footage from the past couple months. But this last week was hectic with election day being a couple days ago. It’s tough to say, but the vote fell through. And the ban is still in place. Who knows for how long? but organizations such as and MCABSL will keep fighting for it. And although I will continue to shoot footage for that, this free’s up some of my time to get back on the water. So I will be putting a hurting to some fish this weekend, somewhere.


On another note, I’m almost done with another video. It should be posted at sometime this weekend.

I have been painting, though. here are a few of my latest pieces.

The Permit was sold. Still have the other two.

Carry on!

-Eric Estrada

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