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Exploring the Lagoons Day 1

This upcoming weekend, is the Ankona Owners Weekend out in Titusville, Florida. On the Mosquito Lagoon.
So Dan and I decided to come up a little earlier to get a couple more days of fishing in.

So Dan and I were on the water today. We fished all over the IRL. From north to south.

We found a nice amount of redfish. Found some nice trout, and caught a couple poons. Here are a few pics from today. I got a slam with a nice red, trout, and a small tarpon. Let me tell you something, these fish are not easy to feed a fly to. These reds are ridiculously spooky. Dan had a shot at a 40+ inch red. the red turned on the fly, but then decided not to eat.
But even the rats are hesitant to eat a fly!

Mind you, we have no idea what flies to throw. We are just trying out different things that we think should work.
My skiff, running.



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