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Drum and Bass

I feel as if the past two months, it has been endless days of sustained winds of over 20knts. It has made it tough, but sometimes you just got to tough it out and do some fishing. Going out to Flamingo when it’s blowing 30mph is always an adventure. Especially when you decide to run 30+ miles through open water, just to get to a small sheltered area to be able to pick off a few fish. Then of course, there’s always my fail-safe back up plan that is Peacock Bass. I’ve been fishing for Peacock Bass with a 6 wt since back in 2008. They’re a fierce competitor and are some of the hardest fighting fish I’ve encountered. Pound for pound, I don’t know of any stronger fish.

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So for the past few weeks, I’ve been doing whatever kind of fishing I can. From Flamingo for redfish, to peacock bass on the 6wt, and even broke out the old Stradic for some night time bassin’. Some nice fish have been caught, and it’s been fun taking it back to the roots that started it all. Fishing with old friends that I haven’t fished with in over a year. Let’s hope these winds calm down soon, so things can get back to normal. But until then, I’ll continue to with how things are going, it’s been quite fun.



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